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Tuesday, 17 November 2015

In memory of Coco.

I can't believe it's 12 months today since we lost Coco.

In those 12 months I don't think a days passed by without me thinking about him, he was a cheeky chappy with a big attitude.

What Coco did best hunting for food in the fridge.

Coco loved his big sister Sheba.

Coco and Cody waiting to be fed.

Cocos cheeky side drinking my tea when I went on toilet.

Using Cody as a pillow.

Before we adopted Coco he used to follow us to the shops and then walk back home with us and follow us into the house and go upstairs eat Cody's food and then fall asleep.

I keep feeling guilty as if I let Coco down by not getting him to a vet sooner I phoned the emergency vet on Saturday and he said if I can get fluids and some food down him he should be ok to wait until our vet opens on Monday, I expected to get some antibiotics for him but they found a tumour on his kidneys that was to big to operate on so the best option was to end his suffering I never thought when I took him to the vets I wouldn't see him again.

The last photos we ever took of him, at the vets just before we said goodbye.

Coco visited me last night in my dream for a cuddle which was nice.